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Long Term Solutions

Camrosa is at the forefront of developing local water supplies
in order to become more self-sufficient.

Local well development has reduced imported water needs by more than 15% since 1985.

Since 1990, approximately 40% of drinking water sales to agricultural customers have been offset through the development of Additional Water Resources.

The Round Mountain Water Treatment Plant, the first groundwater desalter of its kind in Ventura County, has reduced imported demands by an additional 10%.

Approximately 63% of our potable water supply comes from imported water; the rest is produced locally by District-owned groundwater wells. Overall, the District meets about two-thirds of its total water demands with potable water, while the remainder is met with non-potable sources.

Camrosa continues to look for responsible ways to develop new, local alternatives to costly imported water supplies. Collaboration with other regional water agencies, along with improvements to our existing local water resources, will contribute to long-term solutions for drought-proofing our district, and will allow us to continue to provide our customers with a safe and reliable water supply.

Some long-term plans being investigated include:

A regional desalter that could reduce imported demands by another 10-15%

Expansion of Additional Water Resources

Local well development and treatment

Increased water storage, including aquifer storage and recovery

Desalination of groundwater and recycled water

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