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Automated Meter Reading

Automated Meter Reading (AMR) allows Camrosa to operate more efficiently. Manual reading of water meters is time intensive and costly, requiring either contracted or in-house field technicians to go door-to-door to record customer usage. With AMR, each customer meter is outfitted with a small transmitter (MTU or Meter Transmission Unit, see right) that automatically relays daily usage back to the district office. Since its inception in 2006, the district’s AMR program has outfitted more than 7,000 meters with MTUs. Our goal is to have the district 100% installed with AMR by 2017.

Customer Service_AMR2Camrosa began the AMR Pilot Project in 2006 with the community of Leisure Village. Leisure Village was chosen due to high water demand at the property, as well as the relatively low cost of converting the entire community and ease of evaluating the benefits of the project. Leisure Village’s experience with the AMR technology validated its use and confirmed our decision to implement AMR throughout the remainder of the service area.

Customer_AMRThe most immediate impacts of the AMR program have been a reduction in operational costs and increased accuracy in meter readings. Not surprisingly, as technology tends to spawn new capabilities, AMR has generated a whole host of new capabilities known as AMI or Advanced Metering Infrastructure. AMI incorporates meter analytics and both web and mobile customer interfaces, providing daily usage and alerts, integrated billing and bill-pay features, and push notifications of water conservation programs.
AMR_ReadIn July of this year, the District will introduce some of these exciting new technologies that will allow customers to become more knowledgeable about their water usage. These include the capability to view both current and historical water usage, set SMS text and email alerts when usage or a projected monthly bill exceeds a certain threshold, compare their water usage to average customer usage, and receive information on district rebates and water conservation programs. These tools will provide customers with the knowledge they need to monitor their usage, detect leaks, and improve their water stewardship.

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