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Outdoor Water Use

Conservation_outdoors_sprinkler headDid you know that up to 70% of our drinking water is used to water lawns and landscaping -- and that most is wasted?

Tips to Save on Outdoor Watering


Here are a few tips to cut down on outdoor watering:

  • Adjust sprinkler heads so they do not spray onto paved areas such as sidewalks, streets or driveways. Conservation_Outdoors_controller
  • Adjust or deactivate automatic sprinklers when it’s cool or overcast. Turn sprinklers off when it’s raining. Water during the cool parts of the day. Early morning is better than dusk since it helps prevent the growth of disease & fungus.
  • Don't water the lawn on windy days. There's too much evaporation.
  • Don’t overwater. Too much water can harm plants – as much if not more – than inadequate watering.
  • Consider installing or upgrading to weather-smart irrigation controllers for your sprinkler system. They adjust the amount and timing of watering depending on the weather – that’s why they are “smart” and save you time and money in the long run.
  • Consider installing water efficient sprinkler nozzles or MP rotating nozzles to irrigate your lawn.
  • Conservation_Outdoors_CalFriendlyConsider removing existing lawn and “Go native” with California Friendly and drought resistant plants. Replace high-water-using grass, trees and plants with less thirsty native plants that require about two-thirds less water.
  • Put a layer of mulch around trees and plants. Chunks of bark, peat moss or gravel retains moisture to slow down evaporation.
  • Set lawn mower blades one notch higher. Longer grass means less evaporation.
Outdoor Landscape Resources

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